Will They Be a Good FIT?

Franchise FIT Navigator

It has been said many times, “One bad apple spoils the bunch.” Apparently, “they” knew what it was like to be a franchisor or recruiter with one – or a handful – of rogue or underperforming franchisees.

Franchise development is critical to a franchisor’s success, yet attracting and onboarding the right franchisee is as daunting a task as ever. No matter how good a prospect looks on paper, it is extremely difficult to know if they will be a good FIT for your organization and become a successful contributor.

Unfortunately, intuition is not a reliable indicator.

We would like to make you aware of a market-validated, predictive process that will help you make a more informed decision about who you bring into your franchise system.

The 20+ year-old Franchise Navigator FIT assessment will help you understand a candidate’s potential fit in your business, operating as a franchisee. It also pinpoints any areas where candidates might need extra coaching and support to make them successful and more productive.

This isn’t the “assessment” process you’re used to.

Rest assured, results from The Franchise Navigator will not be anything akin to a quick glimpse, comic strips, or the names of small forest animals. Because really, “What kind of bunny are you?” or being compared to a celebrity does nothing for your candidates and it does even less for you.

Franchise Navigator is different in part because it’s actually 14 different evaluations based on real data, real research and real solutions. Also, it is constructed as a normative assessment: an assessment solution that allows for “populations” to be created, and from within that population identifies common characteristics and quantifiable attributes to the population i.e. the existing high performing franchisees in your system.

What will The Franchise Navigator FIT tell me?

Developed over 20 years ago, The Franchise Navigator FIT assessment process begins with in-depth scientific benchmarking of your franchise’s entire franchisee population to determine the Ideal High Performer Profile which new candidates are measured to.

This fully automated system provides you with data that will enable you to make useful comparison and determination about what attributes are required to be a successful franchisee in your system.

Doesn’t that sound better than hoping and praying someone is going to be a good fit?

Start selecting with confidence! Test drive the Navigator now.