Informative Business, Franchise and Seminar Videos

For individuals who prefer to learn by watching a video rather than reading, we’ve compiled some great videos for you! Sit back, relax and be prepared to learn about the world of business and franchising.

How To Franchise My Business: Net Promoter Score, The Brands Importance

How to Franchise My Business: This video goes into some detail regarding the importance of Branding in franchising. This relates to the over all importance of brand and how can one benefit from its structure and its presence. To be able to analyze a customer’s feedback through the process of net promoter score effectively.

Management 2000 – Building a Brand with Bob Gappa

Management 2000’s Founder & CEO, Bob Gappa had the opportunity to be interviewed by Tortal’s Founder, Cordell Riley on what it takes to “Build A Brand”. This video was produced by Tortal Training in a series called: “Breakthrough Ideas in Training”. We hope you enjoy. our contact info is 800-847-5763 or email us at

Management 2000 – Ready to be Franchised?

How to determine whether a company is ready to be franchised.

Management 2000 – How Do You Franchise?

Management 2000 – More About Us