Woman in distress with many hands asking with papers, ipads in need of work.

Is your business merely treading water?

Few things are more frustrating than when your business feels “stuck” – not making measurable progress toward reaching your goals. Sometimes it takes a 3rd party to help you understand why you are not achieving those results.

Keep in mind:

  • The reason for the existence of a business is economic performance.
  • The purpose of a business is to get and keep customers,
    • The source of all economic performance.
  • The result of a successful business is very satisfied customers,
    • Who return frequently driving incremental economic performance from frequent visits and recommendations to friends and family.

Although it sounds simple, many factors affect your success in these areas.

In order to determine what aspects of your business need to be improved, Management 2000℠ will conduct an organization assessment – to check the current “health of your business” – relative to a set of 10 vital signs used by world-class brands to assess and build their businesses.

The areas covered in the assessment include:

  1. Business Philosophy
  2. Leadership
  3. Business & Financial Planning
  4. Field Management
  5. Team Member Relationships
  6. Having The Right Metrics
  7. Information and Knowledge Management
  8. Training & Development Programs
  9. Pre-Opening & Operations Standards Manuals
  10. Branding

Next Steps would include:

  • Establishing the differences between “where you are” according to the assessment, “where you wanted to be,” and “where you want to be” in 12, 24, and 36 months.
  • Then, with you and your team, we will use our “root cause analysis process” to decide what needs to be changed to get you where you want to be.
  • A Vision for the next 36 months will be established and strategies will be agreed to by each person to ensure the achievement of the 36-month Vision.
  • Everyone in the organization will be involved at some point so they have understanding and emotional buy-in to the process and to their individual contribution to achieving the Vision.

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