Candidate-Centric Selling

The #1 rule in franchise sales: It’s not about you.

Spoiler alert: It’s about them – your candidates, and the sooner you adopt a candidate-centric selling strategy, the quicker you’ll start selling franchises. To the right people.

Candidates don’t really care about buying your franchise until they understand how it can help them achieve their goals. By being candidate-focused, i.e. finding out what they want, need, and desire that they do not, at the moment, have and then helping them discover how your franchise can help them get those things is the key to candidate-focused selling.

Management 2000sm  has a process to help you do that, and it fits every candidate – from the least sophisticated to the most experienced.

It’s about asking the right questions.

Our process isn’t about finding just any franchisee candidates – it’s focused on finding the right ones and providing them with the resources they need to make an informed business decision about becoming your franchisee.

Our candidate-centric selling systems and processes are different from and therefore exceed traditional franchise development results. We know we can help you improve. It has been the core of our business from the beginning and our expertise continues to help new and existing franchisors see results they never thought possible.

Management 2000℠ takes a different approach when it comes to granting franchises. You shouldn’t allow just anyone to “own” and operate your business. Beyond having the money or the desire to do something different with their lives, a potential franchisee’s objectives, and overall vision must align with yours.

Here is how we can help you:

  • Develop a profile of the ideal franchisee candidate(s).
  • Establish candidate generation strategies.
  • Review and/or establish a qualification strategy and process.
  • Determine candidate generation budget.
  • Design a system for handling the candidate from initial inquiry through the signing of the agreements.
  • Create promotional strategies, scripts, presentations and communications.
  • Review your current process and make recommendations to the qualification process.
  • Evaluate your current website to ensure your website works with your sales process.
  • Ensure your team members are involved in the development of the new process, understand how to use the revised/new process and develop ongoing strategies to measure the success.
  • Educate team members on the legal issues pertaining to selling franchises.

The right candidates are waiting to be wooed. Let’s position your sales approach for success.