Looking to increase team member engagement?

An engaged team is critical to business (and franchise) success.

What does engagement really mean? In short, engagement refers to team members or franchisees who feel a genuine sense of responsibility for the success of the business. This is the polar opposite of those who seem to work on autopilot to “collect a paycheck” and who don’t seem to care to listen to what you have to say.

Suffice to say, disengaged team members and franchisees are absolutely toxic for your organization. But it doesn’t stop there; high levels of engagement are also very important for your business’s vendors, support services, and anyone in your network.

So, how do you gauge your team’s engagement?

Management 2000℠ has surveys proven to provide an accurate understanding and pulse of how your team members and network think and feel about you, your business, its future, their future, the business (franchised or not), support services, other franchisees, and vendors.

Using our surveys, you will discover:

  • How are you doing as a leader?
  • To what degree people are satisfied and dissatisfied?
  • Do people follow your processes and procedures?
  • Do people support your Vision for the future?
  • Do people feel they get recognized for their contributions?
  • To what extent do people trust senior management?
  • Do people feel they are getting the support they need to be successful?
  • Why does your network become dissatisfied?
  • Why don’t they follow the operating system?
  • Why don’t they renew their agreements?

This information allows you to determine what you need to focus on to improve results i.e. how to change attitudes, improve relationships, tweak programs or establish new initiatives. 

What will I really take away from the survey results?

A survey is more than questions and answers; it provides you with insights, data, and perspectives helping you make better decisions for the future of your business. Having survey data provides you with:

  • A keen awareness of the networks’ perceptions of management and programs.
  • A strong foundation for correcting deficiencies, designing strategies, allocating resources and setting priorities.
  • Reliable data that pinpoints what changes are necessary within your company’s departments, people, policies and procedures to make your system more responsive.
  • Benchmarks to measure the performance and improvements year-over-year.

The Bottom Line

Surveys help business executives make informed decisions on how to allocate resources, such as people, money, materials, and time, more effectively. With the combination of your input, our survey questions, and our experience, we are confident we’ll be able to design a survey that meets your needs.

Our expert insight has been included in the book "The Crisis of Disengagement" – a great read!