Convention Speeches

Management 2000℠ is often asked to deliver speeches at Franchise Conventions and Company Conferences. Each is customized to the specifications of the individual franchise business. If you’re interested in having Management 2000 deliver a convention speech or workshop for your company, please complete the form on this page.

Our most frequently asked for topics are:

How to Win in an Increasingly Competitive Environment: Building a Strong Franchise System creates a strong context for the franchise community to think about franchising as a marketing and distribution system, with a goal of achieving dominant market share. The concepts of Brand, proven operating systems, ongoing support and individual Franchisee motivation are discussed in terms of acquiring and maintaining customers for the entire franchise system.

Taking Charge of Your Growth: Building, Rather Than Operating a Business focuses on the business planning process. The concept of Results vs. Activities, Problems vs. Conditions, differentiating between the plan and the planning process are reviewed. This session can also include workshops for hands-on development of a business plan. The business planning workshop enables the Franchisee to understand the relationship between measurable results and personal financial gain.

Enhancing the Company Brand: Developing a System-wide Marketing Mentality covers marketing from an all-inclusive perspective. The concepts of customer needs and service, customer service and differentiating between marketing and advertising are explored. The participants gain an understanding of why Franchisees in the same system are not competitors and the importance of working together in the market. The result of this program is a realization by the Franchisee that everything is marketing and marketing is everything.

Local Store Marketing Program focuses on how to use the fundamentals of local store marketing to increase unit sales volume effectively. The concepts include the fundamentals of local store marketing, defining a local store marketing strategy and plan, executing a local store marketing program and follow-through. The result of this program is helping the Franchisee understand how to increase the average ticket, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty resulting in increased growth, profits and margins.

The Customer-Driven Company emphasizes customer satisfaction and how it can lead to greater market share. Some of the techniques include the understanding of how to measure customer satisfaction, providing Franchisees with incentives to improve the customer experience, team member engagement and discovering how to get the correct mentality and developing an action plan to achieve the company’s mission and goals. Some results of this program are increased frequency of repeat customers, customer retention, improved team member engagement and price/value perceptions, all leading to increased market share.

Recruiting, Selecting, Orienting, and Motivating Team Members addresses the ongoing issue of turnover, which affects all employers of entry-level people. It focuses on recruiting techniques, selecting the team member I want vs. the team member I need, how to listen, orienting your staff team with the mission and core values and motivating for results. The take-home value of this topic is lower turnover, less overhead and more engaged team members.

How to Create Memorable Moments and Significant Memories of Your Brand discusses how the perceptions people have about a business affects their Brand loyalty. When connections are made with customers, providing them with a great product and a positive service experience is what allows you to create more than loyal customers. You create emotionally engaged customers, who will promote and recommend you to their friends, family, and spheres of influence. These feelings act as “emotional currency” which is very powerful in the world of business.