Developing a Successful Franchise in the Technology Era

Technology is the new age of business and society. I find through many aspects of my life, business or personal, that they all have something in common, technology; it is a part of everything I do. Whether I like it or not it is reality, and as a business community we need to embrace the change.

It is amazing how many of our tasks in business today are accomplished with technology, whether you are talking to someone on your cell phone, emailing a coworker or just shopping for office supplies on your computer. All of these tasks have been changed and improved by technology. I remember not even 17 years ago that most travel reservations were handled by a travel agent. That is not the case anymore; technology has freed the traveler from having to rely on others to accomplish their tasks.

Today the management and operation of business has become more streamlined with the processes and tasks available through technology.  One can book travel online, rent a car, talk with clients, network, build rapport via blogs and social media, and even advertise to a specific market all because technology has given us the ability to do so.

So if you are a company ready to take the technology plunge, now is the time to dive into the water. You do not want to be left hesitating on the edge of the pool.  I watched a video today regarding Quick Response or QR codes and how they have revolutionized marketing strategies and the way consumers shop. A grocery store in Korea that was number two in its industry, wanted to know how they could become number one. Through their research they found the tasks their customers dreaded most were the weekly trips to the store. Their solution was Virtual Shopping. They posted advertising of all the products in the grocery store in subway stations, newspapers and other media. Each product had a QR code on the advertisement. These advertisements looked just the same as a grocery aisle lined with products, with a QR code next to the price. It allowed the grocery store customer to order products using their phone while waiting for the subway train. Once the customer has ordered the produce or product, it is delivered to the customer’s house when they return home.

Technology has given companies the power to meet and exceed the expectations of the consumer. Not that all companies use this to their advantage, YET.  However, within the next few years companies which employ technology to satisfy the demands of the consumer will greatly outperform their competitors who are reluctant to embrace technology.

With that said, in the future of your life as a business professional always look for the next big opportunity. As Harvey Mackay said (he wrote the famous business best-seller, Swim With The Sharks) “If you’re looking for a big opportunity, look for a big challenge.” That is what the companies that use technology to their advantage have always done. Enjoy and look for a new piece of technology that could make your company the leader in its industry.

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