Franchise Development

Franchise development can be complex. It is a critical part of franchising a business. We know everything changes and so must we change when it comes to how we approach the generation, qualification and granting of franchises to qualified individuals and entities. If you are to be VERY successful at granting franchises and you want to be a successful franchisor in the 21st century we must discard the 20th Century ways of generating qualifying and granting franchises.

Today  we need to reevaluate our strategies and  understand we need to grant franchises to qualified individuals and entities who will fully, completely, and consistently implement your system resulting in the acquisition and retention of VERY satisfied, loyal, frequent user Promoter customers who will build your Brand.

Here at Management 2000 we know there are four areas to focus on that will bring  your business into the 21st Century.  These four areas are:

To be a competing force in its  industry a business must form and live Customer-Centric philosophies. Customer-Centric philosophies give your entire organization a way to think and act..

Processes must be in place to maintain integrity, be cost effective, create great customer experiences, and must be efficient.

Technology refers to the technology the company uses and to the technology available to its customers to spread ether a good or bad word regarding the Brand. The new age of technology and a large percentage of consumers using social media and sites like to express their feelings and experiences, ultimately leading consumers to look up a business before they even take a chance at visiting the business, this is called the “ZERO MOMENT OF TRUTH” and virtually 100% either do or will, in the future, determine their feelings about a business before they go there to try it.  What this means is that even new customers are already customers with perceptions already formed.

The first  three components lead up to the last one  PEOPLE. People must be selected, oriented, trained, developed, lead, managed, engaged, empowered and committed to implementing the processes, with the philosophies, using the technology resulting in the promoter customers referred to earlier. If you feel you could improve your franchise development system in any of these four areas then there is a seminar waiting for you to attend.  The franchise development seminar “FRANDEV2012” is right around the corner.

FRANDEV 2012 is an annual Conference held in Tucson, Arizona at the Ritz Carlton.  Never in franchise history, has there been an opportunity for a VERY few select brands (franchise companies), to spend such a concentrated period of time focusing on ways to improve: their brand, their process and every aspect of their franchise “sales” process and system. This will be accomplished with the most experienced franchising experts/leaders in the areas that impact these results the most. Today’s candidates are more sophisticated and intelligent. To meet their needs, every Brand needs to have state-of-the art marketing strategies and tactics utilizing the optimization of websites and the use of social networking. They must employ the most recent proven technologies to interact with the candidates.  And, all processes for handling the candidates from first contact through signing the franchise agreement and area development agreement must be streamlined.”

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