Franchise Seminar: “How To Become A More Effective Field Consultant”

Field consultants are the critical link between franchisor and the franchisees. Far too often, field personnel are viewed as inspectors by their franchisees, rather than the business consultants they are.  They spend their time with their assigned franchisees putting out fires rather than consulting with them on long-term plans such as how to build market share and increase unit revenue.

Management 2000 has offers a seminar “How To Become A More Effective Field Consultant” to address the specific needs of Field Consultants.  We continually refine the contents of this seminar to address new challenges faced by Field Consultants in their interactions with franchisees.  If you have attended this seminar in the past you will be eager to brush up on your skills and learn the current best practices so you can become a valued resource for your franchisees and lead them to greater success and profitability.

You will learn how you will be transformed from an “overseer” to one whose visits are welcomed by your franchisees.  By implementing the best practices you will discover how you can contribute to the increased productivity of your franchisees and gain greater job satisfaction for yourself.

The strength of franchising is systems. Many franchisors have not taken the time to establish a system that each of their Field Consultants will follow when interacting with their franchisees.

This seminar is all about understanding the skills, knowledge and abilities needed to be an effective field consultant. We understand the importance of a well developed field program. This seminar addresses both the systems that need to be in place and the skill sets the individual field consultants need to make them more effective at improving the profit and growth of the franchisees they are assigned to assist.

  1. Understanding the franchisor/ franchisee relationship
  2. Defining the role of field personnel
  3. The keys to building trust with franchisees
  4. Building strong communications with franchisees
  5. Consulting with franchisees to help build their business
  6. Problem solving with franchisees
  7. Confronting and resolving issues
  8. Dealing with resistance from franchisees

The call to action is for business leaders of franchise Brands to develop a system around the franchisees that will help the brand and its franchisees increase profit and growth, by working together and accomplishing tasks necessary to increase market share and brand awareness.

Attending the seminar on a yearly basis is the very best way for field personnel to remain current, informed and prepared for new challenges. This seminar can be brought to you as an In-House program.

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