Franchise Seminars: “Strategies For Increasing Franchisees’ Unit Revenue & Profits”

Management 2000 has been conducting seminars specifically for the franchise community for over 30 years. Our spectrum of seminars ensures that your company can cover some of the most critical issues that you and your franchise brand encounter.

Often, companies and organizations have put their focus on primarily two things: increasing revenues and making a profit. The ways in which companies increased revenues and made a profit included managing variable items like marketing, labor, cost of goods sold, inventory, shrink, employee training, and negotiating with landlords and suppliers. If you knew your numbers you could predict revenue and profits. All of these numbers related to manufacturing a product [sandwich, oil change, haircut, fine meal, etc.] and therefore business was characterized by having what is referred to as a manufacturing mentality, i.e. “How can we make it better, quicker, faster, less expensively, and with fewer errors.” Today we are still very much concerned with increasing revenue and profits but we have a better way of getting there, and getting there without abandoning the past ways of increasing revenue and making a profit. Today we are replacing the “Manufacturing Mentality” with a “Customer-Centric and Employee-Centric Mentality.” A Customer-Centric and Employee-Centric Mentality is always focused on the customers of the Brand and the team members who deliver the customers’ experiences.

We are excited to announce our newest franchise seminar called: “Strategies for Increasing Franchisees’ Unit Revenue & Profits”. The key focus of this seminar is as stated in the title, learn how to increase franchisees’ unit revenue and profits by making the customer experience the focus of everything you and your brand does. This seminar details specific strategies, tactics, tools, processes, philosophies and technology that will maximize growth opportunities.

The key areas are:

  1. Create buying experiences for customers that make them VERY satisfied, loyal, frequent buyers
  2. Create a great place to work for team members
  3. Select team members who enjoy engaging with customers
  4. Measure how well you are doing
  5. Make changes and continue to constantly improve

These key areas are developed based on the following questions all brands ask:

  1. How to get more new customers?
  2. How to retain more of your new customers?
  3. How to retain more of your existing customers?
  4. How to build frequency with customers?
  5. How to ensure customers are very satisfied?
  6. How to create a “great place to work?”
  7. How to reduce employee turnover?
  8. How to increase employee satisfaction?
  9. How to get customers to recommend you to their friends and family?

The call to action is for leaders of franchise Brands to transform their cultures from a manufacturing mentality to a Customer-Centric and Employee-Centric mentality. This seminar is specifically designed to do this!

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