Marketing In Franchising: Local Store Strategies And Processes

All franchisors understand the importance of and spend a great amount of time marketing their Brand. Brands use a combination of national, regional, and local marketing. Usually the regional and national marketing of a Brand is handled of the franchisor. It is very common for a franchisor to require that their franchisees take local marketing into their own hands. As a result, this often does not get the attention that other aspects of the business get.

What some franchisors forget is that their franchisees have come from a variety of business backgrounds and may not totally understand how to implement an effective marketing program at the local level.

As part of getting a franchisee “off on the right foot,” marketing plans and ideas are usually included in the Grand Opening materials provided by the franchisor.  Unfortunately, too often, the franchisor takes it for granted that the franchisee will take it from there on their own.  The franchisee gets busy running the business and needs guidance in their marketing efforts.

It is recommended that the franchisor develop a local marketing system and strategies for the franchisee. This creates consistency of the Brand’s marketing efforts throughout all the locations, company operated and franchised.

Having a system in place with the necessary tools, the franchisee will not feel left in the dark and the franchisor will know that the marketing is being handled correctly and that the resources are provided to fulfill the requirements of the franchise agreement.

The systems and processes must be accessible to the franchise locations either in manuals or online in order to guide this process.  All of this marketing will ultimately create a consistent experience for the franchisee and the customers of the Brand.  As the franchisor develops the marketing strategies it is important to document “best practices” along with specific results that a franchisee can expect when a program is implemented.

Every Brand will have different forms of marketing that typically work in their industry.  It is important that the franchisees understand what the most effective ways of marketing are for their Brand so their efforts and dollars are not spent unwisely.

In conclusion, make sure your Brand’s marketing efforts are documented for future reference. This will help create a higher rate of Brand recognition, create less frustrated franchisees, and create more customers who will be loyal, frequent user and promoter customers.

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