How To Engage, “Disengaged”, Team Members & Franchisees

Upselling can drive revenue and profit. Increasing prices can drive profit. New products can drive increased revenue. Controlling costs can increase profit. This training will help you acquire and develop the skills to lead and manage franchisees in improving their results in these critical areas.


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Benefits of This Training

This training is designed for individuals and teams who play a role in helping Franchisees achieve their primary goal: Increasing Revenue and Profit.

There are many common ways to increase profit, including upselling, increasing prices, offering new products, and controlling costs. If your team isn’t helping franchisees explore these opportunities, both your team and the franchisees will be at a disadvantage.

Disengaged team members and franchisees can cost your business in the following ways:

  • Fewer new customers acquired and diminished frequency of existing customers
  • Low morale affecting the experiences customers have and therefore frequency and retention
  • Team members being less productive because working is not fun or enjoyable
  • Higher turnover, lower productivity, less customer frequency, and fewer retained customers

Increasing Revenue and Profit

The most effective and efficient driver for increasing revenue and profit comes from engaged, committed, well-trained team members who enjoy:

  • Creating a great workplace
  • Attracting and retaining very satisfied, loyal, frequent customers
  • Creating experiences for other team members and engaging them in your business
  • Producing the desired results for the brand

The most effective way to achieve this is to select, develop, lead, and manage team members and franchisees who are ready, willing, and able to create great experiences for customers. This is accomplished by consistently implementing your operating processes and by living your mission, believing in the vision, and living your core values between and among one another.

This training will help you acquire and develop the skills, knowledge, abilities, processes, tools, and techniques necessary to lead and manage franchisees and team members in improving their results. It also provides practical “how-to” strategies and tactics participants can use immediately in their roles in your business.

Once you know and understand what customers value, you can design experiences to deliver that value. In addition, you can determine how to select, develop, train, lead, and manage team members and franchisees to execute the experiences.

This training will help you acquire and develop the skills, knowledge abilities, tools, techniques, and processes to achieve these results:

  • Helping franchisees increase customer loyalty
  • Increased word-of-mouth recommendations by customers
  • Higher retention of first-time customers
  • Improved frequency of customers
  • Increased brand engagement with franchisees
  • Franchisee and team members’ commitment to creating excellent customer experiences
  • Your franchisees and their team members engaged and committed to creating a great workplace

Agenda Topics

  • How to engage team members and franchisees so they want to create great experiences for customers every time
  • Major indicators of disengagement and how to stop them
  • How our USA Retail culture developed into what is called “The Experience Economy”
  • Key metrics of “The Experience Economy”
  • How to win in an increasingly competitive environment
  • How to get franchisees to think “Customers are revenue” instead of “Money is revenue”

Training Fee

$895 per participant

If you are registering for more than one training for yourself or have multiple people from your company interested in attending, please contact us for Multiple Participant pricing.  

Fee Includes:

  • Morning Continental Breakfast
  • Morning and afternoon refreshments
  • Gourmet Lunch
  • Training materials designed to enhance understanding and retention
  • Useful aids to implement into your process
  • Ongoing support from our training leaders who are able to answer questions about the materials or content covered during training