Starting A Franchise

Have you been thinking about ways to grow your Brand?

  1. Documentation; of all operations, processes, and strategies that are a part of the Brand’s success.
  2. Resources available to help the Brand grow –  (people, time, money)

Financial reports that are credible and truthful.
Management 2000 has been helping Brands use franchising as a business growth strategy, since 1981.  Franchising is a system that increases a Brand’s ability to develop more quickly, more profitably and with a far greater likelihood of success.    We have more than 31 years of experience consulting for the franchise industry, and the proof of our success lies in the success of thousands of our client Brands, which have thrived and prospered over time, even during recent economic downturns.  We at Management 2000 understand the importance of getting things right the first time, the importance of implementing tried and tested procedures, the importance of developing a customer-centric culture, and having a clear vision for the Brand which results in an exponential growth in business.

To succeed in starting a franchise you will need:

  1. An understanding of your market; a knowledge of whom and where your customers are and how they use your service(s) or product(s).
  2. An established Brand; you need to ensure there is Brand consistency between locations, marketing strategies and franchisees which ultimately creates Brand awareness for your customers and potential customers.

Management 2000 has developed a 7-step process that insures the quickest and most efficient franchise start up available to entrepreneurs and the franchise community.

Step 1: Prepare the Franchise Legal Documents

Step 2: Prepare a Franchise Business Plan & Financial Model

Step 3: Write Franchise Operation Manual(s)

Step 4: Write the Pre-Opening Manual

Step 5: Develop a Franchise Training Program

Step 6: Develop a Franchise Development [Sales] System

Step 7: Prepare the Franchisor-Franchisee Relations / Field Consultant System

Deciding to franchise your Brand is a huge decision and can be emotional and seem overwhelming.  Finding the right company to assist you with the process is critical.  Franchising a business is not about legal documents alone, but also about developing systems and processes that will ensure the success of your Brand.  Management 2000 is committed to the business owner who wants to make this journey, because we have been there too.  If you are looking for personal help and a well developed trusting relationship with an excellent world-class consulting company, you have come to the right place.

Are you ready to start franchising?  Contact Management 2000 today.  We are available and eager to answer any of your questions.  800-847-5763 or

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