The M2000 Assessment

We are all faced with extreme competition. However competing solely on price makes a business a commodity.  The solution is having a relationship with the customer overriding price. This demands managers and leaders become more adept at psychology than economics. Leaders and managers must understand how each individual team member connects with your customers and with your company.

A “Great place to work” is one that nurtures team member’s strengths and uses them to create great experiences for customers. The profit, growth, and long term success of a Brand depends on this dynamic. Management 2000 has an Assessment Process to help our clients identify where changes need to be made to create a competitive advantage for their Brands by creating a “great place to work” for team members, and a “great place to shop and send money” for their customers. We conduct the Assessment using over 100 questions and look at 12 areas of the organization’s competency.

Customer engagement is created when a brand designs processes and technologies designed to enhance what their customers value and which are performed by team members using their personal strengths resulting in individualized experiences which elicit and embed, within the customers, the feelings that:

  • The Brand can always and everywhere, be trusted to keep the promises it makes,
  • They are happy, belong, and comfortable before, during and after doing business,
  • They will be treated fairly and will stand behind its products and services, solving any problems,
  • Customers will have pride in being associated with the Brand and its products and services.
  • The Brand is essential to their lives and somewhat irreplaceable creating “separation anxiety” if the Brand went away, because the Brand fits with the customers’ personal needs.
  • The Brand provides its customers with knowledge, information, and resources, through various medium, to enhance their lives, and the lives of their family and the communities to which they belong.

Some companies are very good at making emotional connections with their team members and with their customers.  Most, however, are not.  Companies that are successful benefit from stronger results, not only in cash flow and profit, but in market share, and shareholder value.

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