Viewed from the outside of a successful business, it looks easy. In reality [as many have found out], it is not so. As business consultants and as business owners, Management 2000 understands the pain points that growing businesses encounter and need to overcome to be successful. We have written 10 commandments that are essential to the success of any business. These are not the only rules you must obey, but following these commandments will improve team work, team performance and result in happy customers.


  1. POSITIVE ATTITUDE – Arrive to work daily with a “can-do, will-do” attitude
  2. SET EXPECTATIONS – Have a clear direction every day
  3. LEAD BY EXAMPLE – Do what you expect  others to do

  4. CONTRIBUTION – Look for opportunities daily to share ideas and strive for improvement
  5. TEAMWORK – Respect each team member’s role in the organization
  6. ACCOUNTABILITY – Hold yourself and your team members accountable for doing the job right, each and every time

  7. PRODUCTIVITY – Make everything you do count
  8. COMMUNICATION – Open, honest communication among everyone at every level
  9. PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE – Be passionate about what you do
  10. RECOGNITION – Reward yourself and your teammates


Culture is the foundation of every business. As they grow, many businesses lose sight of their culture and how important it is to their success. We must always remember our mission, core values, vision and purpose for being in business. Constant reinforcement of the culture while growing the business greatly increases the likelihood of success.

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