Training Guarantees Success

With the widespread use of technology in the twenty first century, franchise recruitment has changed drastically. Potential franchisees research possible franchise opportunities on the internet. How do you grant franchises to excellent candidates? For franchisors, the whole way of choosing qualified candidates has also changed. To learn how to use the latest techniques in franchise recruiting we recommend a seminar called “How To Recruit Better Candidates and Close More Franchise Sales.” This seminar will take you through every step of the franchise recruit process, and it will help you identify the most qualified candidates to help you grow your business.  Choosing the right candidate the first time, will reduce turnover and allow you to build a strong customer-centric team to share your vision of success.

In 2013 and moving on to 2014 training is a big issue for many franchisors and their staff. Understanding what your company needs to know is the first the opportunity that arises. Many companies have found that as technology changes so do many other aspects of the company. Understanding how this affects your employees and especially the franchisees is crucial to your success.

How are your franchisor/ franchisee relationships? Are your Field Consultants viewed inspectors who only visit the franchisee to check for compliance violations?  Or are they seen as true business consultants involved in a strategic partnership with the Franchisor and the Franchisee with common business goals?  The goal of Field Consultants is to help the franchisee understand how the franchise relationship will help them succeed. Field Consultants will learn how to change franchisees behaviors, and their own, to increase the franchisees success. All Field Consultants need to attend the seminar “How To Become A More Effective Field Consultant.” It will guarantee greater success for them and for their franchisor.

For many franchise systems the big question is how do we increase unit revenue and profits? Understanding what the customer values is one of those keys. Before we can understand what the customer wants, we need to know who our customers are and where our customers are. How do we keep existing very satisfied, promoter customers and recruit new customers? These are just some of the keys to increasing profit and growth on a unit level. Our seminar “Strategies For Increasing Franchisees’ Unit Revenue and Profits” will give you brand new insights into ways to grow your business.

For 32 years Management 2000 has developed and conducted these seminars and many more like them. We understand the opportunities that arise in the franchise community, whether you are a franchisor with 5 locations or 3,000 locations. As with anything worthwhile, practice makes perfect. You need to train yourself and team members consistently, to take advantage of the latest advances in technology, and implement innovative changes to grow your business.

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