An Example of Engagement Using both EQ and EI

Every person who works is working to achieve their personal income, lifestyle, wealth, and equity goals and their job with a company is a means to this end and not the end in itself.  The same is true for customers.  Believing this makes managers want to know and care about what each of their team members’ personal goals are and how working here will contribute to their accomplishment. Armed with this knowledge about their team members’ motivations, the manager can make sure they and the company does everything possible to provide resources and opportunities for team members to achieve their personal goals.  When team members perceive this intent on the part of their manager and the company it demonstrates the manager and the company are engaged in their life.  This increases the possibility of the team members reciprocating by being highly engaged with other team members, creating a great place to work, and in creating personalized memorable moment experiences for customers.


Since it is true that engaged team members create experiences resulting in increased profit and growth from retained, frequent user customers, it is easy to see why global Brands put more and more emphasis on selecting managers who have both a high IQ and EQ.

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