Your Company’s Culture FIT is Measurable

Predictive Intelligence, Culture FIT Navigator

Newsflash: today’s customer is an emotional decision maker.

From donuts to carpet cleaning, a brand’s competitive advantage is no longer about price. It is about the emotions your brand elicits from customers and guests. In short, you’re not selling a product or service, you’re selling an experience, and it’s more than worth your investment to make sure it’s a good one.

But how do you ensure a good customer experience?

Delivering a good customer experience stems from fostering a great company culture – a culture firmly rooted in your mission, vision and core values. This is not new information, but what often gets missed is whether or not you have the right team members in place – those who are not only capable, but willing to deliver a good customer experience.

Sometimes the potential team member saying “yes” isn’t good enough.

To make sure your customers are happy, satisfied and willing to recommend you to their sphere of influence, you need to make sure your team members are willing and able to do their part. Otherwise, time, effort and money will be wasted again and again.

This is where The Culture Navigator FIT comes in.

The Culture FIT Profile will help you understand where your organization is and who truly is able to live those beliefs and behaviors in your brand while interacting with other team members and customers.

We have surveyed thousands and thousands of existing and prospective business owners and team members and know what it is in them that makes them successful – or not, especially in specific roles. The navigator profiles and metrics we create are scientific and customized to each client application and job description.

The results speak for themselves.

For 20+ years the navigator has been successfully used in many divergent areas such as franchisee and team member selection, team building and personal development for business owners and team members.

Our team building process has reduced the high costs of turnover for many organizations and our selection process has increased productivity and performance for many worldwide organizations.

We are in the experience economy. It is not a guessing game.

Let us show you how building your organization with the right people can work.