Franchise Sales, Strategies, Tactics and Tools That Maximize Results

Do you want to finish 2012 with results that go Over The Top of your goals?

Are your franchise sales what you expected for 2012 so far?

Are your technology processes out of date?

“Over The Top” workshop is designed to help you in all these areas. Our presenters are the experts in franchising at helping Brands implement a “World Class” franchise recruitment system.

Come learn from Bob Gappa, CEO – Management 2000, Amit Pamecha, CEO – FranConnect and Martin Greenbaum – President, Greenbaum Marketing for an “OVER THE TOP” Interactive Workshop.

This workshop provides you with “take –aways ” that include best practices, strategies, tactics, and tools that can immediately be implemented to improve your closing ratio.

Even if you believe your existing system is good, there is always room for improvement. And if you have not started an automated process yet, now is the time to come and learn how it can increase the results of your current process.

“Over The Top” workshops provide  you with what is necessary for your company to have the World Class system that includes: positioning of the franchise, promotion strategies and timing recommendations for promoting your brand(s).

You will leave the workshop with 10-20 ideas on “How To Improve Your Results And Sign More Franchise Agreements!” In addition to improving your results by using a “systems” approach your results will be increased even more using the strategies, tactics, and tools discussed during the Interactive Workshop. Attending this interactive workshop could yield you a 300% increase, or more, in the next 12 months in signed franchise agreements.

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