How To Recruit Better Candidates & Close More Franchise Sales

Recruiting qualified franchisee candidates can be one of the most challenging tasks in the successful growth of your franchise business.  We at Management 2000 understand the importance of recruiting and qualifying “the best of the best” candidates.

Attendees of Management 2000’s “How to Recruit Better Candidates & Close More Franchise Sales” will learn all aspects and stages of recruiting the best possible franchisees including:

Building Trust and Rapport
Facilitating, Questioning and Listening – and last but certainly not least –
Closing the Franchise Sale

There are many “take-aways” from  the seminar that can be implemented right away.You will be able to identify candidates with real motivation who will help you build your Brand. Learnhow to use Management 2000’s proven franchise recruitment process.  Understand  how to present your franchise concepts more effectively and grant franchises only to those candidates who share your vision and passion to become a World-Class Brand.

This seminar will help you grant franchises to qualified individuals and groups who share your belief that they can achieve their personal and business goals by:

• Fully, completely and consistently implementing your operating systems[s] • Enhancing your valued Brand
Creating and keeping VERY satisfied customers
• Working co-operatively with the other Strategic-Partners
• Helping build market share
• Willingly and enthusiastically participating in all aspects of the Strategic-Partner    relationship.

If you have plans to expand your business in 2013, using franchising as your growth strategy, this seminar is a “Must Attend” for you.

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