Beyond the Basics: Get Better Results In Selling & Granting Franchises

Improve classic and time-proven sales techniques, skills, knowledge, abilities, and tools, while taking your candidates through the discovery and decision-making process that results in your granting them a franchise.


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Benefits of this Training

This training is designed to help you understand:

  • How to use and improve your personal skills, knowledge, and abilities
  • Which changes in your process will influence more candidates to become your franchisees

You will leave this training better able to:

  • Discover and leverage each candidate’s goals, objectives, and dreams to position your franchise opportunity more advantageously
  • Discover and overcome each candidate’s fears, uncertainties, and doubts about becoming your franchisee
  • Identify their motivations and use them in your conversations
  • Ask useful questions, listen more, and talk less while getting better results
  • Control candidates’ behaviors
  • Spend more time with qualified candidates
  • Double the number of franchises you signed in the previous 12 months in the coming 12 months

Agenda Topics for the Training

  • How to turn leads into candidates
  • How to differentiate the curious from the serious
  • How to set up each conversation with candidates to ensure they are interested in becoming your franchisee and proceeding to the next step in your process
  • When and how to do “trial closes” with candidates to determine how motivated they are to become your franchisee
  • How to make sure each event in your process has the potential of adding “reasons to join your Brand” for the candidates
  • How to structure the calls candidates have with franchisees
  • How to engage franchisees so that they provide validation for candidates
  • How to make the FDD/FA valuable closing and decision-making tools for the candidates
  • How to make Discover Day as effective as possible  

Added Value You Cannot Get Anywhere Else

Each participant will be introduced to and learn how to utilize tools and techniques proprietary to Management 2000 that help our clients close more deals. We call these our “secret sauce”. You will leave with knowledge of the following concepts:

  • How to make your process all about the candidate without losing anything about your Brand – This technique will help you close deals
  • The “5 Question Close” – This tool is used in the very early stages of talking with candidates and will separate the curious from the serious candidates
  • “Decision Making Checklist” – This tool is used to influence candidates
  • “Personal Goals Drive Business Goals Worksheet” – This tool will help you guide the candidate to sign your Franchise Agreement

This training is designed to improve participant’s skills, knowledge, and ability to use unique sales techniques to help candidates make the informed decision to sign your Franchise Agreement over other franchisors they are considering.

While this training will cover some topics that encompass the improvement of an entire system, it is focused on improving the participant’s ability to close more franchise sales.

Training Fee

$895 per participant

If you are registering for more than one training for yourself or have multiple people from your company interested in attending, please contact us for Multiple Participant pricing.

Fee Includes:

  • Morning Continental Breakfast
  • Morning and afternoon refreshments
  • Gourmet Lunch
  • Training materials designed to enhance retention and understanding
  • Useful aids to increase your close rate
  • Ongoing support from our training leaders who are able to answer questions about the materials or content covered during training