How To Lead And Manage Franchisees

Field team members are a very critical link to having healthy franchisor/franchisee relationships. They need to be viewed as business consultants and business coaches rather than “cop inspectors”. The seminar is designed to help improve your ability to make a difference with your Franchisees.


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Benefits of this Training

The training will include:

  • A pre-session questionnaire
  • Sharing the results of the questionnaires with all participants
  • Highly interactive participation
  • A focus on improving each participant’s ability to lead themselves and others to achieve goals by changing themselves and thereby changing others
  • Discussion of specific skills, knowledge, and abilities of successful leaders
  • Discussion of common leadership situations

At the end of the training, each participant will be able to identify which specific things they need to stop, start, keep, change, and improve to become a better leader.

Agenda Topics

  • What is the definition of “A Leader”?
  • How do you lead and manage franchisees who “do not believe they report to you”?
  • How do you lead a Franchise Advisory Council?
  • How do you lead in turbulent times?
  • How do leaders decide who, when, and what decisions need the involvement of franchisees?
  • How does a leader communicate the need for growth without making it seem like the goal is really increasing royalties?
  • How do you lead franchisees to build a Brand?
  • How do you lead franchisees to act as a team rather than competition to one another?
  • How do you develop a team approach with franchisees rather than an “Us versus Them” mentality?
  • How do you involve franchisees in planning the short and long-term growth of the Brand?
  • Is the time right to evolve The Franchisee Advisory Council to The Brand Advisory Council?

Past attendees include:

C-Level Executives, Senior Management personnel, VPs of Departments, Area Developers, Field Consultants, Franchise Development Professionals, Multi-Unit Franchisees, Master Franchisees, and Regional Developers

Training Fee

$895 per participant

If you are registering for more than one training for yourself or have multiple people from your company interested in attending, please contact us for Multiple Participant pricing.  

Fee Includes:

  • Morning Continental Breakfast
  • Morning and afternoon refreshments
  • Gourmet Lunch
  • Training materials designed to enhance understanding and retention
  • Useful aids to implement into your process
  • Ongoing support from our training leaders who are able to answer questions about the materials or content covered during training