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Becoming a Franchisor

Franchising is one of the strategies a business can use to expand and capture more market share. The benefit of franchising allows you to expand your business without incurring additional debt or giving up equity. The following pages are designed to help you answer three questions. What are the 12... Read More

The Value of Transparency in a Franchise Organization

In franchising, the operating system becomes identified with the Brand or trade name that is licensed to an entity. In a world class Brand each franchise replicates all processes, technology, people behaviors and philosophy, systems and methods used to service and satisfy the customer. So why hasn't financial planning and... Read More

Training Guarantees Success

With the widespread use of technology in the twenty first century, franchise recruitment has changed drastically. Potential franchisees research possible franchise opportunities on the internet. How do you grant franchises to excellent candidates? For franchisors, the whole way of choosing qualified candidates has also changed. To learn how to use... Read More

Franchise Recruitment: The Answers To Most Of Your Questions

Management 2000 has over thirty years of experience in consulting to franchise companies. Management 2000 has found that effective franchise recruitment gives franchise companies a unique competitive edge over their competitors. The question we keep hearing is, “How do we recruit better and more qualified candidates?” As franchisors seek eligible,... Read More